Introducing our latest innovation – AirVision,  India’s first aerostatic drone! This one-of-a-kind drone combines the benefits of an airship with the maneuverability of a drone. Due to its buoyancy, AirVision allows for longer flight times and increased stability, while its drone capabilities allow for precision movement and control. Equipped with high-definition cameras and advanced sensors, this aerostatic drone is perfect for capturing stunning aerial footage and conducting detailed inspections in a variety of industries.


Long Endurance

Fly for extended periods

Enhanced Safety

Fly over crowds, without the fear of crashing

Low CO2 Emissions

Significantly lower carbon emissions than drones

Low Noise Level

Ideal for wildlife monitoring and urban surveillance

High Payload Capacity

Carry heavy equipment

Autonomous Operations

Equipped with advanced autonomous navigation systems


Environmental Observations 

Middle Mile Logistics 

Power Grid Inspection

Industrial Inspection