Introducing AUM, the hybrid aerostatic drone that redefines the way you fly. With an impressive endurance, AUM is perfect for inspection, advertising, and surveillance missions. What sets AUM apart is its absolute safety and silence, making it the perfect choice for environmentally-conscious applications. This drone is sustainable, ecological, and dynamic, making it an ideal carrier system for various sensors. AUM’s buoyancy also ensures that it can fly safely over crowds, making it perfect for events and public gatherings. Choose AUM for a new way to fly, with unparalleled efficiency and safety.


Long Endurance

Fly for extended periods

Enhanced Safety

Fly over crowds, without the fear of crashing

Low CO2 Emissions

Significantly lower carbon emissions than drones

Low Noise Level

Ideal for indoor surveillance

High Payload Capacity

Carry heavy equipment

Autonomous Operations

Equipped with advanced autonomous navigation systems




Warehouse Inspection

Tunnel Inspection