AquaNav is a state-of-the-art underwater navigation system for AUVs designed to enhance precision and reliability of underwater exploration. With innovative features, including a localization algorithm that fuses inputs from an array of onboard sensors and terrain-aided localization module, AquaNav guarantees accurate positioning, velocity, and orientation of AUVs. The user-friendly graphical interface of AquaNav’s ground control station enables easy mission programming, as well as displaying the mission simulation. AquaNav is a game-changer in underwater exploration, making it more precise, accurate, and reliable than ever before.


Virtual Simulation

Simulate operations before execution

Autonomous Navigation

Zero human intervention required

Sensor Fusion

State-of-the-art algorithms for localization

Cross platform compatibility

Can be configured for any unmanned underwater vehicle

Terrain Aided Localization

Minimize drift in position estimates

Interactive Mission Planner

User-friendly mission planning graphical user interface


Defence Applications: Indian Navy

Resources Exploration

Bathymetry (Ocean Depth Contour)

Marine Life Study